About Noella Rose

(Artist Biography)

Noella Rose is a budding singer-songwriter-producer crafting dark/light left-field electronic inspired by edgy '00s dance pop, hip hop, 90s alternative and more.  A practiced songwriter, fervent singer, now blooming composer-producer; Noella writes words and melodies shortly followed by the music in her mind’s ear. After mental composition, Noella works sounds into her DAW that match or complement the details in her head, digitally fleshing out her original beats with various effects and uniquely reworked, remixed or chopped loops. 

Noella is passionate about all things “voice,” so to speak. From a love of singing to obsession over anything resembling a “soapbox,” Noella has always been most driven to speak out and support others in pursuit of the same. Her lyrics reflect this with their variety of topics and fiery, contrarian sass. Her passions for self-expression, music and obsessive detail led her to build a huge mental vault of complete and nearly complete songs waiting for recording (along with hundreds of files of lyrics and several old notebooks of first writings). 

Noella always wanted a life of creativity and performing, so when she was 12, she decided to put the two together and work toward becoming a singer-songwriter. It was at that time she started writing lyrics and coming up with musical composition ideas. She tried composing with guitar and later keyboard, but didn’t feel the fit and sounds were right. After she started working in a DAW (digital audio workstation) it finally unlocked her composing ability and Noella set on a path to become a producer. She’s returned to learning to play the keyboard (teaching herself on her new electric piano) but prefers building songs with her computer mouse. Now she’s able to physically realize the songs from her heart through recording and software manipulation. 

Among Noella’s other skill-sets and passions are design, art, tech, and the written word (beyond lyricism). She works on her own sound engineering, website code, and visual artwork (including photography) also hoping to dive deeply into video production. 

2020 brought a debut to Noella’s rap flow in the protest anthem, “Burn.” Since then, Noella’s been busy in lockdown in her studio honing her craft and efficiency while previewing her unique and large persona to social media. 2021 brings the fresh, dark and saucy "Work My Body," while Noella works on more music and visuals to release soon.