Quick update. I published a new about page / “bio.” It’s pretty chill for a bio, which is so me, except that I’m not so much “chill” as…a fiery ball of chaos. But yeah, somehow also chill, sorta? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On top of that, I’m a raging inferno of anxiety, which is why I haven’t released my new song yet. I think that might be wicked soon! I really hope. Check back please … in the kind of “soon” time-frame that includes factors similar to: I haven’t even contacted any mastering engineer, and there’s set up involved pre-release. Bla bla, shit like that, y’know. Otherwise hopefully soon! Hit me up by Spring??? 😉 Thanks. 😄  💯💯💯  😇😜 🌹

(Trying to GET CHILL … and music actually flowwwing.) 🌹Noella

“Did I lie in the wayy? No more…

… Eh, just play, eh…”

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When I launched it my fingers ran crazy ‘cross the Internet getting it up, stretching it out (probably more on that later) and kinda messin’ myself up. Then I got some sleep, and now I’m head-ache-ily catching up with my actual blog launch. #disorganizized

Anyway, this song is my sweet baby kitten love, and I’d be happy if you love it a fraction as much as I do, hahaha. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting and please stream, share, whatever you want. 😉😉😉 xoxoxoxo-Noella

(for your EYES…)

Noella Rose

I’ve already spread some “puzzles” & related art across social media. (  ) I also wanted to share basically the same images here, in a well-aligned gallery, but I couldn’t get it anywhere near perfect and it drove me ehhhhhxxtra maaad … haha.

FYI, the dorky AF headline of this post is a hint about the new working title of my upcoming EP. 😉 Also there’s a fade on images embedded/displayed within posts but you can click to view all bright! 😀

But mostly this post is to finally share the full official cover art for the single!

Noella Rose - Bad Kitty - single cover art
Noella Rose – Bad Kitty – single cover art