“Did I lie in the wayy? No more…

… Eh, just play, eh…”

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When I launched it my fingers ran crazy ‘cross the Internet getting it up, stretching it out (probably more on that later) and kinda messin’ myself up. Then I got some sleep, and now I’m head-ache-ily catching up with my actual blog launch. #disorganizized

Anyway, this song is my sweet baby kitten love, and I’d be happy if you love it a fraction as much as I do, hahaha. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting and please stream, share, whatever you want. 😉😉😉 xoxoxoxo-Noella

(for your EYES…)

Noella Rose

I’ve already spread some “puzzles” & related art across social media. (  ) I also wanted to share basically the same images here, in a well-aligned gallery, but I couldn’t get it anywhere near perfect and it drove me ehhhhhxxtra maaad … haha.

FYI, the dorky AF headline of this post is a hint about the new working title of my upcoming EP. 😉 Also there’s a fade on images embedded/displayed within posts but you can click to view all bright! 😀

But mostly this post is to finally share the full official cover art for the single!

Noella Rose - Bad Kitty - single cover art
Noella Rose – Bad Kitty – single cover art

Noella Rose "What's in a name?"First of all, thank you so much for following along on my journey through this change (and social switchover rollout, ack, worth it though)! Secondly, there’s no huge story behind this but I’ll quickly recap my thought process…

I wanted something snappier or fiercer and it was between Noella or … something probably too fierce and obviously stagey/fakey. (No need to mention … because … what if you like or something? LOL. What’s done is here! 🙂) I’m very happy with this switch, and one’s happiness is among top importance. 🙂

Villian SnakesFeare? - After all, what's in a name?

It’s also a happy thing if/that you’re reading this and sticking around. Great sounds to come, promise. See you soon with new music!

<3 Noella