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Mercury RetrogradeFor the first time I’m paying more than a brief scoff’s worth of attention to this hypothetical phenomenon of “Mercury Retrograde.” I’m a Scully here, yeah, but come August 28th I felt my recent mojotastic groove starting to flop. Then I read that “Mercury Retrograde” had come and peeps might’ve felt its effects for days already.

Like a nightmare menstrual flow, this infamous sky prank effectively comes early and leaves late, apparently lasting over three weeks.

But my fucking slaytastic hopes and plans!!!! … Now I’m paranoid, even more overthinking and perfectionistic. Plus half my communications with humans are indeed epicly fucked. (Some are fine, you decent specimens, and I thank you!)

Kudos to Lady GaGa for her courage or DGAFness in releasing a big single ‘midst the heart of a possible “starry” haze, but what about this wee kitten? My precious track is not to be risked, but these delays effing suck and hold me back.

All this from a non-believer who doesn’t even want to believe. (But I do love you, witchy believers, yas!) I have my own hypothesis that perhaps no one will love, but I’ll chance that…

What if believers act accordingly (placebo effect) then the chaos/butterfly effect spreads confusion and error across society?

(Some say I think too much.)

Well, that would make it effectively true and powerful, which is real enough for cynics and perhaps even skeptics. So, here I am, taking a few more little (crazy) kitten steps. Partially to calm my anxiety, partially because I naturally gravitate toward review / “re-” etc.

See you very soon though!
<3 Noella

Related lyric:
“I’m a bad house kitty \ Did I lie in the way? \
Wanna run pretty \ Not sitting ugly today”

Original Mercury image credit: NASA