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  • First of all, I set up free downloads on SoundCloud for “Bad Kitty.” Pick your version (regular with BITE or cleaned up) here. I should blast that news hard but I’m promo-exhausted! That part of this art thing gets annoying, hah.
  • “Small Business Saturday” is today! Thinking of restaurant food? Think small/local. What about music? You don’t even have to shell out a buck to help smaller musicians, as many of us actually are on Spotify and other streaming services. Any attention actually helps us, but we might overall get up to a penny! 😉 LOL, anyway… If you do have a bit of cash, there’s also CDBaby and Bandcamp that exclusively has indie artists.
    My pages on those services: Spotify, CDBaby and (new) Bandcamp.
  • Giving thanks!!! I am definitely thankful for great things this year (yes, this very 2016 some people call a dumpster fire).
    1. My headaches were much better this fall compared to every season the past few years. (Hmm…)
    2. My loved ones and I have all our appendages, though my heart aches for the protestors risking life and limb at DAPL. 🙁
    3. I’ve got rhythm! I’ve got music! I’m very happy with my musical work, even though I’ve been un-prolific, I’m thrilled with what I’ve finished (Bad Kitty) and beyond (coming soon).
    4. I’ve got my love. 😀

    Who could ask for anything more?