Quick update. I published a new about page / “bio.” It’s pretty chill for a bio, which is so me, except that I’m not so much “chill” as…a fiery ball of chaos. But yeah, somehow also chill, sorta? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On top of that, I’m a raging inferno of anxiety, which is why I haven’t released my new song yet. I think that might be wicked soon! I really hope. Check back please … in the kind of “soon” time-frame that includes factors similar to: I haven’t even contacted any mastering engineer, and there’s set up involved pre-release. Bla bla, shit like that, y’know. Otherwise hopefully soon! Hit me up by Spring??? 😉 Thanks. 😄  💯💯💯  😇😜 🌹

(Trying to GET CHILL … and music actually flowwwing.) 🌹Noella

Women's March - Solidarity - protest
The Women’s March on Washington, January 2017 (Getty)

The Day Without a Woman Protest … it’s not perfect, but it’s here, and I’ll be damned if I’m not supporting my ladies in solidarity with the sistren.

My lifestyle is far from one that would put me in a place to officially participate. On weekdays, I spend my time on creative projects in the semi-privacy of my home. I have rare privileges that exempt me and leave me ample room to be outspoken online. More of a soapbox would be a dream come true, but I’m blessed that I have this freedom.

I tip my own kitty hat to the strong women who take these fights to the streets! Rawr.   -Noella

  • First of all, I set up free downloads on SoundCloud for “Bad Kitty.” Pick your version (regular with BITE or cleaned up) here. I should blast that news hard but I’m promo-exhausted! That part of this art thing gets annoying, hah.
  • “Small Business Saturday” is today! Thinking of restaurant food? Think small/local. What about music? You don’t even have to shell out a buck to help smaller musicians, as many of us actually are on Spotify and other streaming services. Any attention actually helps us, but we might overall get up to a penny! 😉 LOL, anyway… If you do have a bit of cash, there’s also CDBaby and Bandcamp that exclusively has indie artists.
    My pages on those services: Spotify, CDBaby and (new) Bandcamp.
  • Giving thanks!!! I am definitely thankful for great things this year (yes, this very 2016 some people call a dumpster fire).
    1. My headaches were much better this fall compared to every season the past few years. (Hmm…)
    2. My loved ones and I have all our appendages, though my heart aches for the protestors risking life and limb at DAPL. 🙁
    3. I’ve got rhythm! I’ve got music! I’m very happy with my musical work, even though I’ve been un-prolific, I’m thrilled with what I’ve finished (Bad Kitty) and beyond (coming soon).
    4. I’ve got my love. 😀

    Who could ask for anything more?


Mercury RetrogradeFor the first time I’m paying more than a brief scoff’s worth of attention to this hypothetical phenomenon of “Mercury Retrograde.” I’m a Scully here, yeah, but come August 28th I felt my recent mojotastic groove starting to flop. Then I read that “Mercury Retrograde” had come and peeps might’ve felt its effects for days already.

Like a nightmare menstrual flow, this infamous sky prank effectively comes early and leaves late, apparently lasting over three weeks.

But my fucking slaytastic hopes and plans!!!! … Now I’m paranoid, even more overthinking and perfectionistic. Plus half my communications with humans are indeed epicly fucked. (Some are fine, you decent specimens, and I thank you!)

Kudos to Lady GaGa for her courage or DGAFness in releasing a big single ‘midst the heart of a possible “starry” haze, but what about this wee kitten? My precious track is not to be risked, but these delays effing suck and hold me back.

All this from a non-believer who doesn’t even want to believe. (But I do love you, witchy believers, yas!) I have my own hypothesis that perhaps no one will love, but I’ll chance that…

What if believers act accordingly (placebo effect) then the chaos/butterfly effect spreads confusion and error across society?

(Some say I think too much.)

Well, that would make it effectively true and powerful, which is real enough for cynics and perhaps even skeptics. So, here I am, taking a few more little (crazy) kitten steps. Partially to calm my anxiety, partially because I naturally gravitate toward review / “re-” etc.

See you very soon though!
<3 Noella

Related lyric:
“I’m a bad house kitty \ Did I lie in the way? \
Wanna run pretty \ Not sitting ugly today”

Original Mercury image credit: NASA