Noella Rose is a budding singer-songwriter-producer crafting dark electro-alt-r&b with feisty female vibes and inspiration from hip hop. A practiced songwriter, fervent singer, now blooming composer-producer, Noella writes her words and melodies shortly followed by the music in her mind’s ear. She fleshes out those beats digitally with various effects and uniquely reworked / chopped loops, woven under her semi-cascading vocals.

Noella is passionate about all things “voice,” so to speak. From a love of singing and sound to obsession over anything resembling a “soapbox,” Noella has always been most driven to speak out and support others in pursuit of the same. An occasionally political writer, Noella has devoted her life to feminism since the age of seven, more recently vowing to “smash” the patriarchy in all things she does.

While Noella hones her craft and prepares material, she can’t help but build her own brand of persona when popping out of her studio cave in bold bursts. She wants to put music first but is foremost a fiery force of sass, and will bring that spark to anything she delves into.

Among Noella’s other skill-sets and passions are visual art, tech, and the written word (beyond lyricism). She works on her sound engineering, website code, and visual artwork, including photography, also hoping to dive deeply into video art/tech.

Noella is currently wrapping up the finishing touches on a new song that’s almost too dear to her heart, causing even more anxiety than usual for this obsessive perfectionist. She hopes to share catharsis and inspire others in this turbulent time, but also move forward to releasing many more musical projects soon.